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Good News∣YACOO won two honors

2022-04-29 来源:亚科官网

YACOO was awarded the title of "Little Giants with Specialization, Delicacy , Characterization, Novelty

in Suzhou Industrial Park”

According to the "Three-Year Action Plan for Cultivating Little Giants with Specialization, Delicacy, Characterization, Novelty in Suzhou Industrial Park (2021-2023)". Through the audit, YACOO was successfully selected into the first batch of little giants by virtue of its strong scientific and technological strength.

Since its establishment, YACOO has become one of the suppliers of IVD raw materials and biological buffers through independent research and development of important chromogen substances in IVD reagents.
YACOO products cover cutting-edge application scenarios such as biomedicine and new materials. TRIS,as the star product of YACOO, has become an important supplement for foreign high-quality biological buffers in the domestic market, and has also successfully entered the international market, becoming a supplier to many well-known multinational biopharmaceutical companies in Europe, America and Asia Pacific.

YACOO entered "China Finechem100 in 2021"list

On April 27, the "2021 Finechem Summit and China Finechem.100 Conference" was held online. YACOO was successfully entered "China Finechem100 in 2021"list.

YACOO's successful shortlist is everyone's affirmation of YACOO's progress in the field of fine chemicals. The company will continue to enhance its business level, make efforts in technological innovation, green development, safety, and make its own contribution to the high-quality development of fine chemical industry.