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YACOO Celebrates the Lantern Festival

2023-02-03 来源:亚科官网

YACOO held the "Happy Lantern Festival" activity at the group headquarters to let everyone experience the traditional culture.

Making lanterns

As a typical element of Chinese traditional culture, lanterns symbolize happiness and auspiciousness. Everyone at the scene worked together and made lanterns of different shapes with colored paper and ribbons.

Guess lantern riddles

"Guessing lantern riddles" is one of the traditional customs of the Lantern Festival. This company's lantern riddles specially integrate the content closely related to work and life, so that everyone can enjoy learning. The employees who answer correctly also get surprise gifts.

Taste Tangyuan.

When put the Tangyuan in hands, which symbolize the auspicious reunion, we not only feel the care of YACOO , but also have a deeper understanding of the atmosphere of traditional Chinese festivals.

Happy Lantern festival

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