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The 9th China (Suzhou) International Biotechnology Exhibition 2011

2011-11-22 来源:亚科官网
“The 9th China (Suzhou) International Biotechnology Exhibition 2011" havs been held 18-20 November 2011 at the Suzhou International Expo Centre,which combines both side and strait biotechnology industries.
We Yacoo chemical also attracted many new and old clients from all over the world though without sumptuous decoration. Yacoo shows elegant appearance with contacted, anacreontic style and rich product catalog to friends in the industry. It shows that Yacoo this brand concept has been accepted and recognition, but also reflects the company in the development and expansion.
During the exhibition, our delegation with customers from the jiangsu and zhejiang district, as well as the business people and sourcing from Taiwai for further communication and exchange.
We met with many old customers, and made part of new. Many orders are negotiating in.
During this, Yacoo not only extensive exchange and learning with lots of customers,expanded our reputation in the field, strengthen the contact with old customers, but also won more potential business opportunities, for our future development provides a better platform. And we'll still provide the best quality products and service to repay all the clients.


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