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The 3rd International Advanced Materials (Chengdu) Summit

2010-05-05 来源:亚科官网

The 3rd International Advanced Materials (Chengdu) Summit, jointly hosted by the People’s Government of Chengdu, China National Chemical Corporation, DECHEMA and Deutsche Bank, will be held in May 2010 in the land of abundance – Chengdu, Szechwan province. The International Chemical Advanced Materials Summit, a representative national convention in the present domestic petrochemical industry, aims at gathering multi-nation core strengths in the advanced material industry development and discussing the opportunities of the advanced material industry, exerting positive roles on accelerating the development of the international and domestic chemical advanced materials industry.

The summit still adheres to the localization of "High-end, frontier", take "Face ‘the 12th 5 years’- leading to new development" as the theme, gathers multi-nation core strengths of the advanced material industry development, and according to “the 12th 5 years” plan, to interpret the Chinese and even the global future chemical advanced material industry’s structures and development.

Yacoo will attend the summit on May. 6th ~ 8th, 2010, discussing with all elites: the supervisors of the government planning, the top scientists and experts of the academic community, the decision-makers of the multinational companies and domestic leading enterprises, and the investment institutions, etc., on the innovation, opportunities and development that the advanced materials industry has faced in the global economic recovery period, in the upgrading and transformation period and in the period where the calling for low carbon economy is rising, as well as the great efforts that the insiders and outsiders should pay.