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Yacoo Chemical 2010 Annual Celebrations

2011-02-10 来源:亚科官网

  IN the afternoon of January 7, 2011, "Suzhou Yacoo Chemical annual celebration 2010" was held in the Sofitel Hotel , staffs from the headquarters in Suzhou, Shandong, Shanghai and other offices got together to celebrate.  The party was hosted by the marketing department , QC and purchasing department.


Manager Yuan gave a detailed summary of our achievements in 2010 and the company’s strategic plan in 2011.

In a warm and peaceful atmosphere, Choreographed programs were performed by talented Yacoo staffs. Wonderful music, songs and interactive games drew the audience’ cries of joys and waves of applause. Finally, the sales department led all the staffs sing the song "Loving You as We Are from the Same Family" ,which led this party to a climax.

The party drew all the staffs closer and enhanced the cohesion. Everyone showed their multi-talented side , which let everyone feel that our team is really Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

We believe Yacoo Chemical will develop and grow quickly with the efforts of all energetic young staffs !