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Product Name:1-丙基磷酸酐(T3P)
Name(En):1-Propanephosphonic acid cyclic anhydride
Alternative name:三丙基磷酸酐(T3P)
Product No:B0175 Formula:
Weight: 318.18 Hacceptors: 
Hdonors:  TDF: 
Clogp:0.0  Violations: 
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  • Appearance:
    Light yellow transparent liquid
  • MP/BP:
  • Assay/specification:
    50% DMF solution 50%乙酸乙酯
  • Purpose:
    1- propyl phosphoric anhydride is an important coupling agent and dehydrating agent (can accelerate the formation of amide compounds, the synthesis of peptide drugs, will use the condensation agent; can also be converted into some amide nitrile compounds, benzene methanol converted into benzaldehyde, will be converted into octanol octanoic acid etc.) at the same time. It can also be used for lithium battery additives.