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Product Name:2,6-二氯靛酚钠(DCIP)
Name(En):2,6-Dichloroindophenol sodium salt
Alternative name:2,6-二氯靛酚钠 水合物
Product No:E0080 Formula:C12H6Cl2NNaO2
Weight: 290.077 Hacceptors:
Hdonors: TDF:
Clogp:2.82  Violations:
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  • Physicochemical Properties

  • Safety Informations

  • Related Informations

  • Appearance:
    Dark Blue and Dark Green and Dark Brown
  • MP/BP:
  • Assay/specification:
  • Purpose:
    Analytical Reagents, Analytical/Chromatography, Application Specific Reagents, Building Blocks, Chemical Synthesis
  • Storage:
    room temperature ,protect from light
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