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Knowledge you need to know before purchasing Good’s buffer

2019-05-31 来源:亚科官网
Good's buffer is a zwitterionic buffer. These buffers are generally sulfamic acid organic compounds. After being formulated into a solution, the pH is relatively stable and does not react with various enzymes and chemical reagents. It is mainly used in biology and medicine.
Good’s buffers have the following commonalities:
(1) High solubility in water;
(2) The acid-base dissociation constant (pKa value) is stable, generally at 6~8, the ability to release protons is stable, and is less affected by ion concentration, solution composition and temperature;
(3) It has low cell membrane permeability and is not easy to penetrate biofilm;
(4) capable of chelation with low molar mass metal ions, but not precipitation with metal ions;
(5) high chemical stability;
(6) Low light absorption in the ultraviolet and visible wavelength ranges;
(7) It is less likely to cause salting out with organic polymers in living organisms;
(8) High purity salts are readily available;
(9) Does not participate in the biochemical reaction process and does not interfere with the biochemical reaction process.
Common Good's buffer PH range

Advantages of Good's Buffer of Yacoo

CAS No.:
HEPES is a zwitterionic buffer used in cell culture media for various types of organisms, protein research and for the balancing of acidic substances in cosmetic solutions. Yacoo (HEPES) has an annual production capacity of 300 tons.
CAS No.:
MOPS is a Good's buffer for biochemical diagnostic kits, DNA/RNA extraction kits and PCR kits; electrophoresis buffers and protein purification chromatography buffers; buffer systems for cell culture media; buffers for biosynthesis. The annual production capacity of Yacoo is 300 tons.

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