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C-reactive protein assay reagent with HEPES

2019-08-09 来源:亚科官网
Chemiluminescence immunoassay is a non-radioactive immunoassay that has developed rapidly in the past three decades and belongs to an ultra-high sensitivity micro-assay technology. It combines with the immune reaction by a chemiluminescence system, and binds the antibody or antigen with a chemiluminescence-related substance, reacts with the antigen or antibody to be tested, and then separates the free chemiluminescent label and adds other related substances of the chemiluminescence system for quantitative or qualitative detection of antigens or antibodies.
Advantages of chemiluminescence immunoassay
(1) High sensitivity: In theory, the highest sensitivity of chemiluminescence can reach 10-18mol/L.
(2) Short detection time: The time for measuring the optical signal of each sample is less than a few seconds. The analysis result can be gotten within 9~60 minutes.
(3) Wide detection range: Theoretically, the linear range can be up to 105 relative illuminance units (RLU).
(4) The analytical method is simple and rapid: most analytical assays are a one-step mode in which only one reagent (or complex reagent) needs to be added.
(5) High susceptibility: exceeds RIA.
(6) Good safety and long service life: the use of radioactive materials is exempted. So far, its harmfulness has not been found; the reagents are stable and the storage period can be from six months to more than one year.
Disadvantages of chemiluminescence immunoassay
(1) Short lighting process
(2) The background is higher
(3) The instrument has a high failure rate
(4) Poor stability of reagents
(5) The detection accuracy is not high
Application of chemiluminescence immunoassay
Chemiluminescence immunoassay has unique characteristics of high sensitivity, high specificity, fast, accurate, specific, and automatic, which plays an important role in clinical testing, drug analysis, and environmental monitoring, especially in the determination of various hormones, tumor markers, drug concentrations and other trace biologically active substances.
The clinical application of chemiluminescence immunoassay is mainly in thyroid hormone, adrenal/pituitary hormone, anemia factor, tumor marker, infectious disease, allergic disease, therapeutic drug monitoring, etc., to ensure the stability of data results. Among them, the detection of tumor markers has certain application value in the early detection of tumors, the development of the disease, the evaluation after treatment, the monitoring of recurrence and metastasis.
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