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New Product : YK-300 preservative

2020-04-02 来源:亚科官网

Yacoo Science has launched a new broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxicity, environmentally friendly preservative: YK-300, which can guarantee the quality stability of in vitro diagnostic reagents and other products during the shelf life.

YK-300 is an ideal substitute for thimerosal, sodium azide and other preservatives. It does not inhibit enzyme activity and does not affect the binding of antibodies. It has been verified on ALT, AST, m-AST, GGT, ALB, UA, CHOL, TRIG, HBDH, GLU-OX, AMY, UREA, TBA, 5’NT etc.

Basic Information

Product name

YK-300 preservative

Product NO.



room temperature,protected from light


5mL, 25mL, 500mL, 1L, 25L


1. Antibacterial agents for coating solutions, blocking solutions, diluents, buffers and reference products.

2. Antibacterial agents for liquid chromatography mobile phases (especially sugar columns).

3. Antibacterial agents for calibration solution (pH, etc.).

4. Antibacterial agents for lotions, sinks, etc.

5. Antibacterial agents for in vitro diagnostic kits and reagent preparation.

Mechanism of action

YK-300 can cause the loss of permeability of the microbial membrane, cause the contents of cells to ooze out, and cause the cells to lose the energy generated by electrodynamics.

Features and benefits

1. It can kill a wide variety of bacteria, fungi and yeasts in a broad spectrum and long-term, taking into account the bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, with a small amount and low cost.

2. It has good compatibility,which does not inhibit enzyme activity and does not affect the binding of antibodies.

3. It is easily soluble in water, miscible with acetone, ethanol and glycerin.

4. The useful PH range value of YK-300 is 3.0-10.0, which is wider than that of proclin300 preservative.

5. YK-300 has low toxicity and is completely harmless to health within the recommended concentration.

6. It is sued in products containing NADN. The blank absorbance can be increased by about 10%.


1. Keep it from contacting skin ,eyes and mucous membrane when handing and using it.Please rinse with plenty of water as soon as it contact with skin and eyes.

2. Keep it from contacting with reducing metals, such as metallic iron, aluminum, etc., to prevent product decomposition.


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