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Application of CHAPS

2020-04-16 来源:亚科官网

CHAPS is a biochemical reagent. CHAPS is a typical zwitterionic surfactant, It can improve purification efficiency and sensitivity, which widely used in protein purification and other fields. This article will introduce the applicationof CHAPS.

CHAPS is an amphoteric surfactant and a non-denaturing zwitterionic detergent, which can be used as a non-denaturing zwitterionic detergent for membrane biochemistry. CHAPS can effectively increase the dissolution of membrane protein, and less lead to the deactivation of membrane protein. It can be used in protein lysate to study the interaction between protein and protein.

The descaler method is a relatively mature decellularization method at present, which has many advantages such as simplicity, thoroughness, and little damage. CHAPS is used be a chemical decellularization of reagent to remove the autologous tissue tube and obtain the autologous acellular matrix tube[1].

CHAPS is also used as a stabilizing agent for the preparation of stable graphene colloids and their composites, which is of great significance for the practical application of graphene[2].

In addition, CHAPS is also commonly used for buffer preparation. For example, a buffer solution composed of CHAPS and sodium n-nonane sulfonate can inhibit the esterase-like activity in the serum [3]. It can be used in a lipoprotein-related phospholipase A2 detection reagent to reduce interference and improve the accuracy of the test results. Another example is the HEPES-CHAPS buffer used in Caspase analysis.

CHAPS is used to denature and lyse cells to extract RNA and DNA , used as a protein lysate or as a non-denaturing zwitterionic detergent in membrane biochemistry.In general, CHAPS is an important biochemical reagent with wide range of applications.

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