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The luminol chemiluminescence system without hydrogen peroxide

2020-07-15 来源:亚科官网

Luminol is one of the most commonly used chemiluminescence reagents. It can react with a variety of oxidants and has a high luminescence quantum yield and good water solubility. Luminol chemiluminescence system is widely used in many fields such as chemistry, pharmacy, environmental science, food science and clinical medicine.

In the luminol chemiluminescence system, the most commonly used oxidant is hydrogen peroxide, but hydrogen peroxide is unstable, and the chemiluminescence reaction with luminol is slow and the luminescence intensity is low. To solve this problem, researchers have developed some novel and efficient luminol chemiluminescence systems that do not require hydrogen peroxide.

Baoguo Xu [1] and others prepared a luminol-thiourea dioxide chemiluminescence system by mixing luminol, thiourea dioxide and a solvent. The thiourea dioxide and luminol in the luminescence system can react to produce chemiluminescence, thiourea dioxide Good thermal stability, safety and non-toxicity, no pollution during production and use, fast chemiluminescence reaction with luminol, and high luminous intensity. Compared with the luminol-hydrogen peroxide chemiluminescence system, the maximum luminescence intensity of the luminol-thiourea dioxide chemiluminescence system is increased by 20 times.

Wei Liu [2] and others used Co Fe PBA NAFSs aqueous solution, luminol working fluid and paper matrix containing hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions to form a new type of luminol chemiluminescence system, in which Co Fe PBA NAFSs is an anisotropic cube KCoFe self-assembled nanoparticles with a framework structure. In this chemiluminescence system, Co-Fe PBA NAFSs can catalyze luminol to produce strong chemiluminescence on the paper substrate. Co-Fe PBA NAFSs acts as a catalyst and sensitizer, which can catalyze luminol to produce strong chemiluminescence, and it only takes about 3.7 seconds from the contact of luminol with Co-Fe PBA NAFSs solution to the maximum absorption peak. , The reaction rate is sensitive and fast.

Luminol is widely used as a luminescent reagent for various chemiluminescence analysis because of its simple structure and easy synthesis. With the development and update of chemical analysis technology, more novel and efficient luminol chemiluminescence systems will emerge in the future.

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