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YK-300 preservative for in vitro diagnostic reagents

2020-08-07 来源:亚科官网

Preservatives can kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms, have a good antiseptic effect, and are important chemical substances that ensure the quality stability of in vitro diagnostic reagents and other products during the shelf life. YK-300 preservative (article number: F0364) launched by Yacoo Science is a new type of broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxicity, and environmentally friendly preservative. It has a wide range of applications and be used in in vitro diagnostic kits and reagent preparations, reference substances, diluents, buffers, etc.

The properties of YK-300 preservative

YK-300 preservative has a slightly aromatic odor, is soluble in water, and can be mixed with acetone, ethanol and glycerin; it is stable at 80℃, and the pH is stable and effective at 3-10.

It can be compatible with anionic and cationic surfactants,and in Inactivation in high ethoxylated compounds.

Density: 1.102 g/cm

Melting point: 11-13℃

Boiling point: 247℃( 245℃)

pH value: 6-7 (10g/L.H2O.23℃)

Solubility: 30g/L (20℃).

YK-300 antiseptic is a special antiseptic. By causing the permeability of the microbial membrane to be lost, the cell content can leak out, and it can lose the energy produced by electronic power. It can kill a variety of bacteria, fungi and yeasts in a broad-spectrum and long-term effect, taking into account both the sterilization and antibacterial effects, such as inhibiting gram-positive and negative bacteria. It has been verified that YK-300 preservative can be used in ALT, AST, m-AST, GGT, ALB, UA, CHOL, TRIG, HBDH, GLU-OX, AMY, UREA, TBA, 5’NT, 5 items of immunity, etc.

YK-300 preservative has good compatibility and chemical stability, and can be compatible with water and various ionic emulsifiers, surface active agents, serum, protein, enzymes, etc. Compared with Proclin-300, it has a wider range of pH tolerance and use range, pH tolerance range is 3~10, and Proclin300 preservative pH tolerance range is 2.5~8.5, YK-300 preservative does not affect key biological enzyme activities , Does not inhibit antibody binding, and Proclin-300 will inhibit some biological enzyme activities. YK-300 preservative has stable performance, no interfering inert substances, and does not interfere with the color of ISE electrodes and reagents.

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