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The wide range of uses of cis-Butenedioic acid|110-16-7|

2020-08-27 来源:亚科官网

cis-Butenedioic acid|110-16-7| is also known as maleic acid ,a very important organic chemical raw material. It is the hydrolysis reaction product of maleic anhydride (MAH)|108-31-6|. It is used in traditional chemical industry and medicine, It has a wide range of applications in food, pesticides and other fields.

cis-Butenedioic acid is mainly used in the chemical industry to manufacture unsaturated polyester resins and to produce compounds such as tartaric acid, fumaric acid, succinic acid, DL-malic acid, dyeing auxiliaries and grease preservatives, among which fumaric acid is produced ( Fumaric acid) is one of the more important uses. Fumaric acid is the trans isomer of maleic acid. It can be used to produce many chemical products, such as resins, adhesives, plasticizers, etc. In the food industry, anti-acid is mainly used in meat products. , Fish and meat products processing, etc., can be used as acidity regulators, acidifiers, antioxidant additives, curing accelerators, spices. Fumaric acid also has more important medical applications. For example, fumarate has been used to treat severe psoriasis.

In addition to its applications in traditional industries, in recent years, cis-Butenedioic acid has some new uses. For example, in the extraction of natural pigment black waxy corncob pigment, cis-butenedioic acid was found to have a very significant effect on improving the color and increasing the stability of the pigment. When extracting sugar from sugarcane by leaching method, adding a certain amount of maleic acid to the infiltration water can increase its penetration efficiency and increase the yield of sugar.

Since maleic acid and maleic anhydride can be converted into each other under certain conditions, the application of maleic anhydride will bring maleic acid into the product, which also broadens the performance of maleic acid Application areas. In the development and application of starch, people use starch and maleic anhydride to carry out free radical copolymerization to obtain starch maleic acid monoester with high degree of substitution, which is used as adhesive, drug carrier and soil in the paper industry Improver, seed coating, etc.

Clinically, cantharidin derivatives that have a certain inhibitory effect on tumor cell lines can be obtained by multi-step synthesis with furan and maleic anhydride as starting materials. Maleic acid is often used by dentists as an acid treatment agent to properly etch the surface of tooth enamel to improve the bond between teeth and resin.

In summary, cis-Butenedioic acid|110-16-7| is a widely used and important chemical material, mainly used in the fields of plastics, papermaking, synthetic resin, medicine and food.