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Application of HEPES|CAS 7365-45-9| in detection kits

2022-03-16 来源:亚科官网

HEPES is a zwitterionic buffer, belonging to good's buffer, with pKa 7.45 at 25℃ and pH buffer range of 6.8-8.2, so it is widely used in cell culture medium, IVD detection kits, cosmetics, medicine and other fields. YACOO editors introduce the application of HEPES in detection kits.

CN103149370B introduces a lipoprotein (a) detection kit, which includes three parts: reagent R1 (HEPES buffer system), reagent R2 (polystyrene latex particle mixture) and reference calibrator. The specific components of HEPES buffer system are: 1.5g/L HEPES, 9g/L sodium chloride, 0.2ml/L Tween-20, 1g/L bovine serum albumin, 10g/L polyethylene glycol-6000, 2.9g/L L EDTA, 0.9g/L Proclin300. The standard reagent R1 is 100mM HEPES buffer (pH 7.5).

CN114076741A introduces a glycocholic acid detection kit, which includes three parts: reagent R1, reagent R2 and calibrator. The specific components of the reagent are: mouse anti-glycolic acid monoclonal antibody coated latex particles 60-100mg/L, HEPES 0.01M-0.1M, boric acid-borax buffer 0.01M-0.05M, blocking agent DB1130 5-20g/L, Casein 5-20g/L, surfactant 5-20g/L, preservative 0.7-1.5g/L, stabilizer 50-100g/L.

 CN114047146A introduces a phospholipase A2 detection kit, the kit includes two parts: reagent R1 and reagent R2, wherein the composition of reagent R1 is HEPES buffer, Tween 20, sodium azide, chloride sodium and water.


CN103149370B Lipoprotein (a) detection kit.

CN114076741A Preparation method of glycocholic acid detection kit.

CN114047146A Preparation and detection method of a lipoprotein-related phospholipase A2 detection kit.

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