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Application of MOPS |CAS:1132-61-2|in cell culture medium

2022-04-25 来源:亚科官网

MOPS is a zwitterionic buffer discovered by Good et al. in the 1960s, with a pKa value of 7.14 at 25℃ and an effective pH adjustment range of 6.5-7.9. It is commonly used in detection kits, cell culture media and other fields. This week, YACOO editors introduce the application of MOPS in anti-erbB2 human antibody cell culture medium.

The erbB2 gene is located at the 17q21 of human chromosome 17. ErbB2 is overexpressed in a variety of tumor tissues, including breast cancer(25-30%), ovarian cancer (18-43%), gastric cancer (21-64%), head and neck tumors(16-50%) and other epithelial cell-derived malignant tumors, while its expression level is very low or not expressed in adult normal tissues, Therefore, it becomes an ideal target molecule for tumor immunotherapy.

The CN101591396B uses the human antibody library to screen new high-affinity anti-erbB2 human antibodies with clinical application value, and verify its biological activity through experiments. During the cytotoxicity test in the biological function identification process, the killing test needs to be carried out on a round-bottomed 96-well culture plate. The specific components of the culture medium are as follows:

(1) Peptone: 30g

(2) Yeast extract: 10g

(3) MOPS: 10g

(4) Distilled water: make up to 1L

(5) Adjust to pH 7.0.



CN101591396B An anti-erbB2 human antibody MIL-5 and application thereof;