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Introduction of CBDO|CAS:3010-96-6|

2022-06-29 来源:亚科官网

CBDO is an important raw material for polyester synthesis. The synthesized polyester material can not only maintain the advantages of copolyester, but also increase the glass transition temperature of the product.

The appearance of CBDO is white crystalline powder, the molecular formula is C8H16O2, the relative molecular mass is 144.21, the boiling point is 210-215, the melting point is 126-129, and the flash point is 52. According to the different steric positions of hydroxyl groups, CBDO has two isomers of cis-trans structure, as shown in Figure 1. The C4 ring of cis-CBDO is nonplanar and the crystals have a dihedral angle of 17.5°. The dihedral angle of trans-CBDO is 0°[1]. CBDO has a symmetrical structure, the C4 ring is very stable, and the 2 terminal hydroxyl groups are not easy to cyclize.


Figure 1

The copolyester synthesized from CBDO has the characteristics of high melt viscosity, high glass transition temperature and easy processing. Due to the above chemical properties, the main application fields of CBDO are as follows:

(1) Preparation of bisphenol A-free polyester materials for the manufacture of components for baby products and medical devices.

(2) Preparation of polyester materials that are easy to be processed into films and sheets, used in the manufacture of flat decorative panels for washing machines, flat touch panels on refrigerators, interior decoration of automobiles, instrument panels, display screens and keyboards of electronic equipment, etc.

(3) As a bacteriostatic agent, it is used in water-based coatings, personal care, medical and household care products that contain water or can absorb water from the environment.


[1]Shirrell C DWilliams D EThe crystal and molecular structure of cis-2,2,4,4 - tetramethyl -1,3-cyclobutane diolJ].ActaCrystallographica Section B197632:1867-1870

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