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Application of BSA|CAS:9048-46-8| in detection kits

2022-08-23 来源:亚科官网

BSA is a globulin in bovine serum containing 607 amino acid residues. BSA is a commonly used PCR amplification enhancer and stabilizer, which can stabilize amplification enzymes and reduce PCR inhibitors. It is commonly used in nucleic acid detection reagents and is widely used in various fields such as biochemical research, genetic engineering and medicine. Patent CN113968905A discloses the application of BSA in the field of molecular biology, specifically in the blocking solution for avian leukemia cELSIA antigen detection kit, the blocking solution for FMD Competitive ELSIA Antibody Detection Kit, and the blocking solution for avian leukemia cELSIA antigen detection kit. Today, YACOO editors introduce an preparation method of ELSIA antibody detection kit :

Preparation of the coated antigen: Dilute the purified Salmonella abortus equi protein to the working concentration with the coating solution, and mix with a stirrer (at least 10 minutes, taking care not to generate excessive vortex).

Coating: Take the mixed coated antigen, 100μl/well, and incubate at 4℃overnight (16-20 hours);

Wash plate: Take out the ELISA plate coated overnight, wash 3 times with PBST, 300μl/well, and pat dry;

Blocking: BSA, BSA1#(domestic), BSA2#(domestic)and BSA3# (import)were added to the prepared coated plate to prepare blocking solution, 150μl/well of each, and blocked for 2 hours at 37℃. Add blocking solution, 150μl/well, block at 37℃ for 2 hours;

Drying and packaging: For the closed ELISA plate, pour out the liquid in the well, dry it with a drying bucket, and place it on a clean table to dry for at least one and a half hours, and then vacuum-encapsulate it.

The beneficial effects of this patent are as follows:

(1) High sensitivity and good specificity.

(2) The sealing effect is good and the specificity is high.

(3) The inter-batch variation is low.

(4) No positive reaction to negative standard.


CN113968905A  A kind of bovine serum albumin and its application.