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Application of BSA |CAS:9048-46-8|in Functional Food Technology

2022-08-31 来源:亚科官网

BSA (CAS:9048-46-8) is a globulin in bovine serum and is generally used as a stabilizer in the storage solution and reaction solution of restriction enzymes or modified enzymes. BSA was found to react with functional factors such as vitamin E, vitamin C, folic acid, resveratrol, genistein and curcumin to form protein-monoligand complexes. The current study found that BSA has multiple potential ligand binding sites. Therefore, it is possible to prepare BSA-based multifunctional factor carrier system by reacting BSA with different functional factors at the same time.

Patent CN106420700B provides a bovine serum albumin-multifunctional factor complex, comprising (0.1-5):1:1:1 BSA, retinol, resveratrol and EGCG in molar ratio, By adding bovine serum albumin solution, retinol solution, resveratrol solution and EGCG solution to 10 mM phosphate buffer at pH 6-8 in sequence, the addition interval of different functional factors is 30 minutes. The concentrations of bovine serum albumin, retinol, resveratrol and EGCG were adjusted with buffer to be 2μM, 5μM, 5μM, 5μM, respectively. The bovine serum albumin-multifunctional factor complex can be used in the fields of food, health care products.

The bovine serum albumin-multifunctional factor complex prepared by the method does not affect the binding of each functional factor to BSA, and can enhance the storage stability of multiple functional factors at the same time. In addition, the cost is low, the method is simple, and it is easy to popularize and apply in industrialization.


CN106420700B  A bovine serum albumin-multifunctional factor complex.

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