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Application of BSA|CAS:9048-46-8| in Pharmacy

2022-09-05 来源:亚科官网

BSA (CAS: 9048-46-8) is a globulin in bovine serum. BSA is generally used as a stabilizer in the storage solution and reaction solution of restriction enzymes or modified enzymes. It can sometimes be used to modify certain polypeptide drugs to stabilize their properties, and can also be used to replace Some protein drugs with similar properties are used in the development of pharmaceutical preparations. Patent CN114404385A provides polypeptide or protein drugs with a sustained-release microsphere that reduces the number of administrations and improves patient compliance and a preparation method thereof. The slow-release microspheres are prepared from BSA, water, freeze-drying protective agent, polylactic acid-glycolic acid copolymer, dimethyl silicone oil, organic solvent and alkane curing agent according to corresponding parts. Its specific preparation method is as follows:

1.Weigh 100-200 parts of polylactic acid-glycolic acid copolymer and dissolve in 500-800 parts of organic solvent;

2. Weigh 0.4-0.6 parts of BSA and 4-8 parts of lyophilized protective agent, dissolve them in water, and place them in the solution of step 1;

3. Emulsify the mixed solution in step 2 with a shearing machine at a certain speed or under a certain intensity of ultrasound;

4. Add 300-400 parts of dimethyl silicone oil to the emulsified mixed solution in step 3, and then stir;

5. Transfer the mixed solution stirred in step 4 into 3000-5000 parts of alkane curing agent for curing and cleaning;

6. The solidified and washed material in step 5 is vacuum-dried at room temperature to prepare bovine serum albumin sustained-release microspheres.

The process is relatively simple, the encapsulation rate of microspheres is over 80%, and it can be used for industrial scale-up production. Compared with the process of preparing microspheres by double emulsion method, this process uses less aqueous solution, which can reduce the discharge of waste liquid; in addition, By adding polylactic acid-glycolic acid copolymer, it not only has good biocompatibility, but also has good encapsulation and film-forming properties.


CN114404385A  A bovine serum albumin microsphere and its preparation method.

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