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Application of D-trehalose |CAS:6138-23-4|in the field of fruit preservation

2022-09-26 来源:亚科官网

D-trehaloseCAS:6138-23-4is an organic compound with a molecular formula of C12H22O11·2H2O and a molecular weight of 378.3. Trehalose has stable biofilm and protein structure, and is mainly used in the protection of biological products. Trehalose can inhibit the decomposition of collagen, so it can be used to improve osteoporosis. In addition, trehalose can also be used in the field of fruit preservation. In CN107691636A patent, a kind of fruit preservative and its preparation method and fresh-keeping method are introduced, and it specifically provides a kind of fruit preservative microcapsule, and the specific preparation steps of this microcapsule are as follows:

1) dissolving cyclodextrin in water to obtain an aqueous solution of cyclodextrin;

2) Dissolve thyme essential oil and mustard essential oil in absolute ethanol, then add thyme essential oil and mustard essential oil dissolved in absolute ethanol into the cyclodextrin aqueous solution and mix evenly, then add D-trehalose, after stirring for 1.5-2 hours at a constant temperature of 40to 50, the microcapsules were precipitated by cooling and placed, and filtered;

3) The microcapsule filter residue obtained by filtration is dried for 4-6 hours to obtain fruit preservative microcapsules.

Beneficial effect

1.The combined use of thyme essential oil and mustard essential oil is better than the single use of thyme essential oil or mustard essential oil;

2.All ingredients of the fruit preservative are natural, non-toxic and harmless substances, which will not cause damage to fruits and vegetables, human body and environment;

3.It has a good inhibitory effect on pathogenic bacteria during storage of rambutan and lychee, which can significantly reduce the rate of bad fruit during storage and delay fruit browning;

4.The preparation method is simple and suitable for popularization and use.


CN107691636A A kind of fruit preservative and its preparation method and preservation method.