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Application of D-trehalose|CAS:6138-23-4| in Cosmetics

2022-10-09 来源:亚科官网

D-trehalose is an organic compound with a molecular formula of C12H22O11·2H2O and a molecular weight of 378.3. D-trehalose has stable biofilm and protein structure, and is mainly used in the protection of biological products. Trehalose has the effect of inhibiting the decomposition of collagen, so it can be used to improve osteoporosis. In addition, because it is a stable non-reducing disaccharide, its properties are very stable, and it can form a special protective film on the cell surface under extreme conditions such as high temperature and high cold, which can effectively protect the biomolecular structure from being damaged, thereby maintaining the life process and biological characteristics of living organisms[1], therefore, D-trehalose can also be used in cosmetics, and its main functions in cosmetics are as follows:

1. Moisturizing

D-trehalose molecule contains multiple cyano groups and polar groups, which can form hydrogen bonds with water molecules in the surrounding environment, lock water firmly, and play a role in water retention. It can also form an extracellular matrix with other polysaccharides. Layer protective film, reduce the evaporation of moisture on the skin surface, so as to achieve the effect of moisturizing skin. According to the results of Takeuchi et al., adding 0.25% D-trehalose, the cell survival rate after water loss for 4 hours increased from 23% to 41% in the blank group, and adding 1% D-trehalose could reach 45%[2]. In addition, the combined application of hyaluronic acid and D-trehalose can complement each other and keep the tissue and skin hydrated. Among them, a moisturizing repair essence from the high-end cosmetics brand LAMER contains trehalose and hyaluronic acid.

2. Prevent oil from breaking down

After people reach middle-aged and old age, the unsaturated fatty acid-palmitic acid in sebum increases, and the decomposition will produce unsaturated aldehydes, which is easy to produce body odor, and D-trehalose, a natural carbohydrate, can effectively inhibit the decomposition of fatty acids, thereby preventing body odor. Studies have shown that when middle-aged and elderly people over 55 years old spray 2% trehalose after bathing, the production of unsaturated aldehydes is reduced from 17.2μg to 5.4μg.

In addition, D-trehalose also has various effects such as anti-radiation and anti-oxidation. Because of its good compatibility and stability, it can be added to almost any cosmetic. D-trehalose can also be used as a sweetener in products such as lip balms and mouth cleansers. There is a huge demand for D-trehalose in the domestic and foreign markets today. While meeting social needs, YACOO will continue to optimize the process and produce higher-quality products to serve the society.


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