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Application of Parylene F|CAS:1785-64-4| in Semiconductor Field

2022-10-25 来源:亚科官网

Parylene series materials have excellent physical and mechanical properties, optics, solvent resistance, salt fog resistance, water vapor insulation, electrical insulation and other characteristics. Over the years, they have been widely used in aerospace, microelectronics, semiconductors, sensors, magnetic materials, medical equipment, cultural relics protection and other fields. According to the different molecular structures, Parylene materials can be divided into many types, such as Parylene N, C, D, HT, F, etc.

As a new generation derivative of Parylene series, Parylene F(Chemical formula:C16H8F8,CAS:1785-64-4) not only has good light transmittance, compactness, corrosion resistance, but also has heat resistance, ultraviolet resistance, and can maintain more stable physical and chemical properties at higher temperatures. This week, the editor of YACOO introduced the application of Parylene F in the semiconductor field.

In the CN114334860A patent, a graphite heat conduction sheet and its preparation, as well as a semiconductor heat dissipation device are introduced. The specific steps are as follows:

(1) The graphite sheet with array hole arrangement is obtained by array drilling on the graphite sheet.

(2) After plasma treatment of the graphite sheet with array pore arrangement obtained in step (1), the silane coupling agent containing vinyl is used to chemically graft it to obtain the graphite sheet coated with a coupling agent layer.

(3) The surface of the graphite sheet coated with the coupling agent layer obtained in step (2) is coated with a polymer layer by chemical vapor deposition to obtain a graphite heat conduction sheet.

The polymer layer in step (3) is prepared by dimer, which is selected from any one or at least two combinations of p-xylene dimer, dichloro-p-xylene dimer, tetrachloro -p-xylene dimer, tetrafluoro-p-xylene dimer or octafluoro-p-xylene dimer(Parylene F), and the thickness of the polymer layer is 1 to 3μm。 By controlling the thickness of the polymer layer in a specific range, the prepared graphite heat conduction sheet has good structural stability.


CN114334860A  a graphite heat conduction sheet and its preparation,and a semiconductor heat dissipation device.