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Application of TRIS-HCl|CAS:1185-53-1| in the field of composite materials

2022-11-09 来源:亚科官网

TRIS-HCl is an organic compound with molecular formula C4H11NO3 and molecular weight 157.6. TRIS-HCl is an important biological buffer and can also be used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. Tris HCl can also be used for protein crystal growth and the formation of intermediate fibers of nematode nuclear lamina protein under different pH conditions. In addition, TRIS-HCl is also an intermediate for the preparation of surfactants, vulcanization accelerators and some drugs.In the CN111303320A patent, a polymer/inorganic nano particle composite and its preparation method are introduced. TRIS-HCl in the patent is mainly used as buffer solution. The specific scheme is as follows:

1.The silica sol or inorganic nano particles, DPA, TRIS-HCl are mixed with water evenly, and then the obtained mixed solution is stirred to react to obtain an aqueous solution of polyamine modified inorganic nano particles;

2.Dissolve the initiator in water and mix evenly to obtain initiator solution;

3.The monomer and water are added into the aqueous solution of polydopamine modified inorganic nano particles in step 1, mixed evenly to obtain a reaction solution, and then nitrogen is passed into the reaction solution under stirring state to remove oxygen in the reaction solution;

4.Add the initiator solution in step1 into the reaction solution obtained in step 3, continue to bubble to remove the oxygen in the mixture, conduct soap free lotion polymerization under the protection of nitrogen gas, and cool to room temperature after the reaction to obtain polymer/inorganic nano particle composite.

The preparation method provided in this patent uses water as the reaction system, without adding surfactant, to reduce the impact of surfactant on the performance of polyphenylene complex/inorganic nano composite materials, facilitate recycling, save costs, and be green;


CN111303320A A polymer/inorganic nano particle composite and a preparation method thereof.

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