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Application of MOPS|CAS:1132-61-2| in Biological and Medical Detection

2022-11-25 来源:亚科官网

MOPS is an organic compound with molecular formula of C7H15NO4S and molecular weight of 209.26. MOPS is an important biological buffer, which is often used to prepare RNA electrophoresis buffer. It can not only be used as a buffer system of cell culture medium, but also a common electrophoresis buffer and protein purification chromatography buffer. The CN112608976A patent introduces a test kit and test method for periodontal pathogen infection markers. MOPS is used as the component of eluent in this test kit. This week, YACOO editor will briefly introduce the specific components of this test kit.

The test kit for periodontal pathogen infection markers consists of sample eluant, myeloperoxidase test reagent and gingival protease test reagent.

The eluent is an aqueous solution of TRIS, MOPS, HEPES, piperazine-N, N '- di (2-ethanesulfonic acid) or MES;

The myeloperoxidase detection reagent includes oxidase, substrate corresponding to oxidase and chromogenic agent A.

Gingival protease test reagent is gingival protease test reagent I or gingival protease test reagent II

The beneficial effects of this patent are as follows:

1. It can simultaneously detect the infection markers of two types of periodontal pathogens: pathogenic bacteria markers and inflammatory markers, and can simultaneously detect whether the bacteria are infected and whether inflammation occurs, so as to judge whether there is periodontal disease;

2. It can judge the relative content of pathogenic bacteria markers and inflammatory markers, so as to judge the severity of periodontal disease, which is very suitable for rapid diagnosis of clinical periodontal disease;

3. Through the detection of pathogen markers, the risk assessment of AD can be carried out, so as to intervene in advance and prevent the occurrence of AD; It is also possible to evaluate the related indicators of AD progress and formulate corresponding measures to prevent the disease from worsening.


CN112608976A A test kit and method for detection of infection markers of periodontal pathogens.