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Application of BICINE|CAS:150-25-4| in Molecular Biology

2022-12-22 来源:亚科官网

BICINE is an organic compound with molecular formula of C6H13NO4 and molecular weight of 163.1717. BICINE is a buffer widely used in biochemical and medical research, such as enzyme reaction buffer, electrophoresis buffer, etc. CN106561631B patent has developed a saliva preservation solution and its preparation method and application. BICINE is a component of DNA stabilizer in the saliva preservation solution. This week, YACOO editor will briefly introduce the saliva preservation solution and its preparation method.

Saliva preservation solution consists of DNA stabilizer, microbial inhibitor and buffer solution.

DNA stabilizers include EDTA-2Na, tartaric acid and BICINE.

Microbial inhibitors include penicillin, streptomycin, genomycin and ketoconazole.

Buffer solution includes TE buffer solution and PBS buffer solution.

Calculated per liter of saliva preservation solution, EDTA-2Na as DNA stabilizer is 1mM~10mM, tartaric acid is 26.65mM~66.63mM, BICINE is 3mM~100mM, penicillin is 50U/mL~200U/mL, streptomycin is 86.00mM~343.9mM, genomycin (G418) is 0.144mM~0.577mM, ketoconazole is 0.1μM~10μM. The TRIS- HCl in TE buffer is 5mM~20mM, and the PBS buffer contains 1mM~5mM KH2PO4, 68.5mM~205.5mM NaCl, 0.675mM~6.75mM KCl, and 3.47m~13.9mM Na2HPO4.             

In recent years, the scientific research and medicine fields gradually use saliva sampling to obtain individual DNA samples. Although cryopreservation can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms, oral epithelial cells are prone to cell lysis after repeated freezing and thawing, which is not conducive to maintaining the stability of genetic material. The saliva preservation solution of this patent can effectively protect the genome in salivary oral epithelial cells from being damaged within a few weeks and saliva from being contaminated by microorganisms.


CN106561631B A saliva preservation solution and its preparation method and application.

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