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Application of BICINE |CAS:150-25-4|in Semiconductor Field

2023-01-06 来源:亚科官网

BICINE is an organic compound with molecular formula of C6H13NO4 and molecular weight of 163.1717. BICINE is a buffer widely used in biochemical and medical research, such as enzyme reaction buffer, electrophoresis buffer, etc.In addition, BICINE can also be used in the field of semiconductor substrate. CN1948418B patent has developed an abrasive solution composition for semiconductor substrate. This week, YACOO editor will briefly introduce the abrasive solution composition.

1.The abrasive liquid composition for semiconductor substrate is obtained by mixing BICINE, cerium dioxide particles, dispersant and aqueous medium, wherein, the weight ratio of cerium dioxide particles in the abrasive liquid composition is 2-22%, the weight ratio of dispersant is 0.001~1.0%, the weight ratio of BICINE is 3~12%, and the weight ratio of BICINE/cerium dioxide particles is preferably 1/3~10/1.                               

2.Grinding method of semiconductor substrate: The solution obtained by diluting the semiconductor substrate recorded in step 1 with the abrasive solution composition supplies 0.01~10g per square centimeter of the ground substrate per minute.

3.Finally, grind the ground semiconductor substrate with the grinding method in step 2.

Beneficial effect

1.There are anionic, cationic and non-ionic groups in BICINE molecule, so even if it is adsorbed on cerium dioxide particles, it will not significantly reduce the ζ- Potential and hydrophilicity.

2.Cerium dioxide particles have no cross-linking effect like polymer compounds. Even if they are added with high concentration, the dispersion stability of cerium dioxide particles is excellent, which can produce high concentration products with stable quality.        


CN1948418B  Abrasive liquid composition for semiconductor substrate

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