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Application of CHAPS|CAS:75621-03-3| in battery

2023-02-16 来源:亚科官网

CHAPS is an organic compound with molecular formula C32H58N2O7S and molecular weight 614.877.CHAPS is a kind of zwitterionic detergent, widely used in protein purification process. CHAPS can also be used in biochemical research to denature and split cells, extract RNA and DNA; In addition, CHAPS can also be used for the preparation of buffer solution. CN107248580B patent discloses a preparation method of three-phase composite electrode, in which CHAPS is used as zwitterionic surfactant. This week, YACOO editor briefly introduced the specific composition of the vanadium battery.
       The vanadium battery with three-phase composite electrode comprises an electrolyte and an ionic membrane placed in the electrolyte. The two sides of the ionic membrane are respectively equipped with electrodes, and the bottom of the electrode is inserted into the electrolyte; The ionic membrane includes perfluorinated sulfonic acid proton membrane I, the lower layer of perfluorinated sulfonic acid proton membrane I is covered with silica layer, and the lower layer of silica is covered with perfluorinated sulfonic acid proton membrane II; The thickness of silica layer is 300-400nm; The first surface of perfluorosulfonic acid proton membrane is covered with diethylene glycol phthalate diacrylate layer, and the second surface of perfluorosulfonic acid proton membrane is covered with sodium alginate diester layer; The electrolyte contains 1.2~1.8% formic acid, 0.12~0.15% p-toluenesulfonic acid and 2.5~3.1% CHAPS.
       The diethylene glycol phthalate diacrylate layer and the sodium alginate diester layer can reduce the permeability of vanadium ions while increasing the water content of the membrane, making it easier for protons to pass freely, further improving the proton conductivity and energy efficiency of the ionic membrane; P-toluenesulfonic acid can improve the reversibility of the electrode process, reduce the electrochemical polarity, and improve the energy efficiency of the battery; Formic acid improves the stability of the mixed electrolyte, thus weakening the effect of p-toluenesulfonic acid on the conductivity; CHAPS is an amphoteric surfactant, which improves the solubility of vanadium ion, reduces the occurrence of crystals in the electrolyte, improves the reversibility of electrode reaction, and also improves the thermal stability of V4+.

CN107248580B  A preparation method of three-phase composite electrode.

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