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CCAS:145224-94-8|The Application of MES·H2O in Bioagriculture

2023-04-27 来源:亚科官网

2-(N-morpholine) ethanesulfonic acid monohydrate abbreviated as MES·H2O in English, with CAS 145224-94-8, is an organic compound with molecular formula C6H15NO5S and molecular weight 213.25. MES·H2O (CAS: 145224-94-8) is a biological buffer widely used in laboratory research and development and chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis. CN106234415A patent has developed an IDA mature peptide plant aging promoter, preparation method, and application. The IDA mature peptide plant aging promoter consists of two parts: IDA mature peptide and 2- (N-morpholine) ethanesulfonic acid solution, YACOO editor will briefly introduce the preparation method of the plant aging promoter.
1. Weigh the IDA mature peptide powder and dissolve it in dimethyl sulfoxide solvent to prepare the IDA mature peptide mother liquor with a concentration of 10-13mmol/L for future use;
2. Prepare MS liquid culture medium, weigh a quantitative amount of 2- (N-morpholine) ethanesulfonic acid monohydrate, add it to the above MS liquid culture medium, prepare a solution of 2.8-3mmol/L, adjust the pH value of the solution to 5.8-5.9, fully mix and dissolve to obtain 2- (N-morpholine) ethanesulfonic acid solution;
3. Add the mother solution of IDA mature polypeptide obtained in step (1) to the 2- (N-morpholine) ethanesulfonic acid solution prepared in step (2). The volume ratio of the mother solution of IDA mature polypeptide to 2- (N-morpholine) ethanesulfonic acid solution is 1:1000. The glass rod is stirred evenly to obtain IDA mature polypeptide plant aging promoter.
The preparation and use method of the plant aging promoter is simple, and the field operability is strong; And the plant aging promoter has a moderate effect on leaf aging, does not cause adverse reactions, and has a beneficial effect.

CN106234415A Preparation method and application of IDA mature peptide plant aging promoter.