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CAS:124-68-5|Application of AMP in IVD

2023-05-19 来源:亚科官网

Liver disease is a common and highly harmful disease, and in clinical practice, alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is mainly used for the examination of various liver diseases. At present, various large automatic biochemical analyzers are widely used for ALP testing. Large automatic biochemical analyzer equipment is expensive and complex to operate, and grassroots medical institutions or individual families are not eligible to purchase and use. Instant detection (POCT) is an emerging detection technology. POCT analyzers that combine microfluidic chip technology have the advantages of high accuracy, low blood demand, simple operation, low reagent usage, and low cost. Providing an alkaline phosphatase detection reagent for POCT analyzers that introduce microfluidic chip technology has become an urgent problem to be solved. CN103276051B patent has developed an alkaline phosphatase detection reagent, which consists of two parts: a diluent and a reaction reagent.
The diluent is composed of five parts: 0.01-1.0mol/L buffer, 0.1-10.0% surfactant, 0.1-10.0% preservative, 1-10mol/L or 1-100KU/L debilirubin interfering agent, and 1-100KU/L vitamin C oxidase;
The reaction reagent is composed of eight parts: 0.1-1.0mol/L 2-amino-2-methyl-propanol (CAS: 124-68-5), 5-100mol/L magnesium acetate, 5-100mol/L zinc sulfate, 5-100mol/L hydroxyethylenediamine triacetic acid, 20-100mmol/L disodium p-nitrophenylphosphate, 10-30g/L sodium dodecyl sulfate, 0.1-1g/L preservative, and 10-30g/L lyophilized protective agent.
The above-mentioned 2-Amino-2-methyl-1-propanol (AMP, CAS 124-68-5) is an organic compound with the molecular formula C6H15NO5S and a molecular weight of 89.14. AMP(CAS:124-68-5)can be used as a vulcanization accelerator, acidic gas absorber, and additive for coatings, with pigment dispersion, pH adjustment, and rust prevention effects. YACOO can provide customers with high-quality services of AMP from gram to ton.

CN103276051B A reagent for detecting alkaline phosphatase.