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CAS:124-68-5|The Application of AMP in the Ink

2023-06-12 来源:亚科官网

Product Name:2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol
English Name:AMP
Molecular Formula:    C6H15NO5S
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
AMP can be used as a vulcanization accelerator, acidic gas absorber, and additive for coatings, with pigment dispersion, pH adjustment, and rust prevention effects.
AMP Application Field
With the acceleration of residents' pace of life, high-temperature steamed foods are popular among consumers due to their long shelf life and convenient carrying. The packaging of these high-temperature steamed foods requires high-temperature water boiling or steaming processes, which not only requires multiple substrates to withstand high temperature tests, but also requires printed composite packaging bags to have high composite strength. However, existing ordinary polyurethane resins have poor resistance to moisture and heat, and are prone to decomposition under high temperature and water vapor, thereby reducing their adhesion to the substrate.
Due to the poor solubility of ester alcohol solvents in traditional plastic ink connectors, this type of ink contains a large amount of phenylketone solvents, which are toxic and have a strong pungent odor. When used, they are prone to air pollution. Long term inhalation can affect the central nervous system of the brain and cause great harm to human health. Therefore, the development and application of pollution-free and pollution-free "green packaging materials" is imperative. In this context, the CN103627249B patent provides a preparation method for ester soluble polyurethane composite ink.
The composite ink is composed of modified polyurethane resin, chloroacetic resin liquid, pigment, dispersant, wax powder, Antistatic agent, anti precipitation agent, adhesion enhancer, propyl acetate, ethyl acetate and butyl acetate.
The monoamine containing hydroxyl in the synthesis of the polyurethane resin can be one or more of Ethanolamine, propanolamine and 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol.
The modified polyurethane resin used in this patent introduces the structure of amide polyester. Due to the existence of amide bond, the hydrogen bond action enhances the Intermolecular force; Polyester polyurethane molecules contain a large number of polar groups such as ester groups and amino groups, which have strong cohesion and adhesion, making the coating film have high strength and wear resistance. At the same time, polyester resin has good weather resistance and glossiness.

CN103627249B A ester soluble polyurethane composite ink with high composite strength and a preparation method thereof.