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CAS:593-85-1| Application of Guanidine salt in Chemical Mechanical Polishing Fluid

2023-06-27 来源:亚科官网

Product Name/English Name:Guanidine carbonate
Molecular Formula:    C2H10N6H2CO3
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction:
Guanidine carbonate is an extremely versatile organic synthetic raw material and analytical reagent, mainly used as a pH regulator, antioxidant, resin stabilizer, and soap for amino resins. It is also used as an additive for cement slurries and surfactants. It can also be used as a moisture resistant and synergistic agent for detergents, cosmetic raw materials, etc.

Application Field of Guanidine carbonate
With the development of CMOS process development, the feature size of devices gradually shrinks, and the circuit density becomes more complex, which makes the design and manufacturing more difficult. The signal congestion in the interconnection process further intensifies. In order to continue Moore's law, solve the delay problem of copper interconnection, and meet the requirements of performance, bandwidth and power consumption, 3D IC integration technology has gradually developed. By stacking chips vertically and passing through active circuits to achieve efficient interconnection, the length of interconnection lines is greatly shortened, which not only improves circuit performance but also further reduces power consumption. TSV technology uses a chemical mechanical polishing process to remove metallic copper. The integration of TSV process faces a common challenge, which is that the production of TSV requires the penetration of different material layers, including silicon materials and various insulating or conductive thin film layers in ICs. In order to improve the economy of 3D integration technology, it is necessary to have a high removal rate and appropriate polishing selection ratio in the chemical mechanical polishing process. Currently, there are no commercial products reported for the specialized chemical mechanical polishing fluid for TSV technology, especially for the polishing fluid of TSV barrier layer.

The CN103834306B patent has developed a chemical mechanical polishing fluid for silicon through-hole planarization, which solves the technical problem of meeting the process requirements of selecting a relatively high removal rate of silicon dioxide on silicon nitride during the silicon through-hole planarization process, preventing corrosion during the metal polishing process, and reducing surface defects and pollutants on the polished wafer.

The chemical mechanical polishing fluid in the patent mainly consists of six parts: abrasives, imidazole compounds, complexing agents, anionic surfactants, guanidine, and oxidants. Among them, the anionic surfactant is alkyl phosphate surfactant, and guanidine can be one or more of Guanidine nitrate, guanidine sulfate, guanidine phosphate, guanidine carbonate, Guanidinium chloride, Metformin hydrochloride and Moroxydine hydrochloride.


CN103834306B A Chemical Mechanical Polishing Fluid for Flattening Silicon Through Holes.