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CAS:110-26-9|Application of N,N'-Methylenebisacrylamide in gel electrophoresis

2023-07-06 来源:亚科官网

Product Name/English Name:N,N'-Methylenediacrylamide
Molecular Formula:C7H10N2O2
Article No.:J0008
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
       N,N'-Methylenediacrylamide is a widely used crosslinking agent with stable quality, high purity, and good performance. It belongs to the thickening agent and adhesive of acrylamide. It is used in Textile manufacturing to produce thickening agent and adhesive, in oil exploitation to produce plugging agent. It is also widely used in various fields such as leather chemicals and printing. In addition, N, N '- methylenebisacrylamide can also be used in gel electrophoresis.

Application of N,N'-Methylenediacrylamide
        Polyacrylamide gel is a classic support medium for protein electrophoresis. The existing gel electrophoresis technology first uses Isoelectric point focusing technology to perform the first dimensional separation, and then uses sodium dodecyl sulfonate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis to perform the second dimensional separation according to the quality difference of proteins. Conventional Isoelectric point focusing and polyamide gel electrophoresis have the disadvantages of simple gel property, expensive price, and not suitable for the separation of basic proteins. Therefore, CN106589053B patent develops a multi-dimensional tandem gel electrophoresis system, electrophoresis method, and kit for the separation of basic proteins in biological samples to achieve the separation and mass spectrometry identification of basic proteins.
       The multi-dimensional series gel electrophoresis system consists of TiO2-polyacrylamide composite gel, N-hydroxyethyl acrylamide-acrylamide copolymer gel, immobilized Zr4+ polyacrylamide gel and sample gel concentrate. The preparation method of TiO2 polyacrylamide composite gel is as follows:
       (1) Preparation of gel preparation solution: mix urea, 60% acrylamide/0.4%N,N'- methylenebisacrylamide, glacial acetic acid, distilled water and 10% (volume concentration) Triton X-100 solution evenly, then add Anatase type nano TiO2, mix evenly with vortex, so that the nano particles are evenly dispersed in the solution;
       (2) Preparation of TiO2 -polyacrylamide composite gel.
Compared with the existing technology, this patent enhances the separation effect between proteins with different properties by utilizing N-hydroxyethyl acrylamide and acrylamide and N, N '- methylene bisacrylamide copolymer; Then, under acidic conditions, the polymerization reaction of acrylamide and N,N'-methylenebisacrylamide is initiated using OH radicals generated by semiconductor nanoparticles titanium dioxide under ultraviolet light irradiation, making the polymerization reaction more complete.

CN106589053B A multi-dimensional tandem gel electrophoresis system, electrophoresis method and kit.