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CAS:409071-16-5| The Application of LiODFB in Lithium Battery

2024-01-24 来源:亚科官网

Product Name:LiODFB
Molecular Formula:C2BF2LiO4
Article No.:E0523
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
Lithium difluoroxalate borate is a white powder or crystalline substance that is highly soluble in water and has strong hygroscopicity. It is mainly used as an electrolyte additive in lithium-ion batteries to improve their performance and stability; It can also be used as a fluorination reagent in organic synthesis reactions to introduce fluorine atoms; In addition, it can also be used to prepare biomedical materials, high-purity metals, and semiconductor materials.
Application of LiODFB
With the rapid development of the electrical, electronic, communication, and computer industries, the demand for high-performance and high stability secondary batteries is increasing day by day. Liquid electrolytes are dissolved in ion conductive organic liquid electrolytes, while salts are dissolved in organic solvents using carbonate organic solvents as the main solvent. However, liquid electrolytes have low stability and may cause the battery to expand or explode in specific directions. A power module is a module composed of power electronic components that are encapsulated according to a certain functional combination. At present, the power module is usually filled with silicone gel or epoxy resin curing adhesive, but the gaseous water can still enter the power module and cause corrosion to the internal electronic components; Although epoxy resin cured adhesive has good waterproof performance, its flowability is poor. Therefore, the sealing layer formed by it is prone to delamination and voids. Water vapor will enter the power module through the interlayer gaps and voids, corroding internal electronic components and reducing the reliability of the power module. Moreover, the power module will generate heat during operation. If the external humidity is high or there is water vapor inside, a high-temperature and high humidity environment will be formed. Under these conditions, the voltage resistance performance of the power module will decrease, making it more prone to corrosion of internal electronic components and circuits, resulting in leakage and internal short circuits of the power module. Therefore, improving the reliability of power modules under high temperature and humidity conditions has become an urgent technical problem to be solved. Therefore, the CN112119527B patent provides a thermosetting electrolyte composition.
The composition mainly consists of five parts: LiPF6, second lithium salt, non-aqueous organic solvent, polymer or oligomer, and additional additives. Additional additives can be cyclic carbonate based compounds, halogen substituted carbonate based compounds, sulfonic acid lactone based compounds, sulfate based compounds, phosphate based compounds, borate based compounds, nitrile based compounds, phenyl compounds, amine based compounds, silane based compounds, and lithium salt based compounds.
Among them, lithium salt based compounds can be at least one of LiPO2F2, LiODFB , LiBOB, and LiBF4.
In the present invention, by including a thermosetting electrolyte composition, a gel polymer electrolyte with improved impregnation and a lithium secondary battery with improved oxidation stability and capacity characteristics can be obtained.

CN112119527B  Thermosetting electrolyte composition, gel polymer electrolyte prepared therefrom and lithium secondary battery including the electrolyte.

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