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CAS:10366-05-9| The Application of Parylene C in clinical medicine

2024-01-24 来源:亚科官网

Product Name:Parylene C
CAS:    10366-05-9
Molecular Formula:    C16H14Cl2
Article No.:    E0016
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
Parylene C is mainly used as a high-purity passivation layer and dielectric layer in microelectronics and semiconductors. It can also be used as passivation, protection, lubrication and other coatings in microelectronics; In addition, it can also be used as isolation, solidification, and reinforcement materials in biomedical anti-corrosion and cultural relic protection.
Application of Parylene C
Medical intervention wire, as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool for minimally invasive vascular intervention surgery, plays a crucial role in the entire process of minimally invasive intervention diagnosis and treatment. Especially when facing winding small blood vessels, small intracranial arteries, or malformed hemangiomas, the correct selection of medical intervention guide wire is the key to the success of minimally invasive intervention diagnosis and treatment. Accurate control, precise positioning, good passability, and tracking are the prerequisites for the minimally invasive intervention diagnosis and treatment operation of medical intervention guide wire technology. At present, in clinical practice, when facing blood vessels with small and long vascular malformations, the failure rate of pushing medical intervention guide wires in place is over 60%. Especially in the minimally invasive interventional embolization treatment of cerebral aneurysms, using slightly hard medical intervention guide wires is easy to pass through the deformed blood vessels, but a slight carelessness may puncture the blood vessels, especially in intracranial aneurysms. Once ruptured, the mortality rate is extremely high, with a general initial bleeding mortality rate of 30%, The mortality rate of recurrent bleeding is as high as 80%. Therefore, doctors would not choose this mode and instead opt for nickel titanium elastic and head shaped medical intervention guide wires to solve the problem. However, pushing misalignment, jamming, inaccurate positioning, and poor control still occur continuously. Therefore, the CN115845228A patent provides a medical intervention guide wire.
The medical intervention guide wire consists of core wire, ball head, magnetic body,  protective tube, hydrophilic coating, hydrophobic coating, and coating layer.
The hydrophilic coating material can be polyethylene imine, polyethylene pyrrolidone, or maleic acid.
The material of hydrophobic coating can be polytetrafluoroethylene or Perrin C.
This patent effectively prevents the detachment of magnetic particle particles by installing a protective tube or coating around the magnetic body, thereby avoiding the risk of potentially corrosive magnetic particle particles remaining in the human body.

CN115845228A Medical intervention guide wire.

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